Darren 'HotSauce' Hardesty Jr. Unshackled at Crandon

Darren 'HotSauce' Hardesty Jr. Unshackled at Crandon

“Black Rhino Performance Sponsored Athlete Darren 'HotSauce' Hardesty Jr. Podium Finishes at Crandon"


El Cajon, CA, September 9, 2016– The TORC Sportsman Series Final Round 13, Championship Round and the Amsoil World Cup took place September 2nd-4th at the 'Keys to the Big House' in Crandon, WI. Black Rhino sponsored athlete Darren 'HotSauce' Hardesty Jr. finished 5th in Round 13, 1st in the Championship Round and 2nd in the Cup Race.

At the 'Keys to the Big House' race in Crandon WI, 'HotSauce' had the opportunity to go all out with no consequences. He was out to have some fun and make a name for himself on the track where short course racing was born. He would accomplish his goals.

'HotSauce' was unshackled; with no points implications 'HotSauce' could run wide open for a win, which he did. During Friday night’s race he was caught napping on the start and found himself running in the middle of the pack. The muddy track was a bit of an issue for him; he went through all 29 of his tear-offs (thin plastic sheets that drivers peel away to clean the mud from their face shields) and spent the rest of the race driving nearly blind. He only found out after the race that he had finished in fifth place.

“On Saturday I concentrated real hard on the flag man,” said 'HotSauce', “I got a great start and was in the lead after two turns. My #16 Alumi Craft Super Buggy was unbelievable. It was so fast and so hooked up.” 'HotSauce' never looked back going on to take a decisive win.

It looked like he would go back to back after running out front again on Sunday, but he got tangled up with another driver in the final corner of the race. 'HotSauce' admits he gave an inch but not much more. 'HotSauce' got driven up the track and slammed into a steel pillar. Fortunately, his #16 Alumi Craft Super Buggy kept him safe and had already crossed the finish line in second place. The result was some broken parts but the car will be repaired in time for the next race.

Photography by Bink Designs
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