Up and Down Weekend for Jerett Brooks in Utah

Up and Down Weekend for Jerett Brooks in Utah

"Up & Down Weekend for Black Rhino Performance Sponsored Athlete Jerett Brooks in Utah"

El Cajon, CA, September 10, 2018- On paper or in your head, you can envision the way outcomes should happen. Most common outcomes based on factors leading up to an event or contest. You plan ahead, plan some more, and then you execute. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan, it doesn’t happen the way you envision it, and the most common outcome, more times than not, becomes the most uncommon outcome. But that’s racing. It sounds simple, right? Be the fastest, be first, finish ahead of the next guy. But so many factors can contribute to so many different outcomes, it’s why we run the races.

Round 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series took place this past weekend in Tooele, Utah at the Utah Motorsports Campus. A track that Jerett Brooks has had great success at in past LOORRS seasons.. multiple race wins contributing to multiple class championships. An early arrival almost a week prior to get some test time in allowed for some fine-tuning of the #77 Rigid Industries Pro 2 in hopes of repeating that success as we make the turn into the second half of the season.

Round 7 would kick off Friday night under the lights. Jerett started on the outside of the row three. The outside isn’t necessarily a bad thing but at this particular track, turns one and two can be troublesome should you get pushed out. Flashback to one year ago, our race ended in Tooele with the truck stuck on the k-rail after being forced outside in this very spot by another driver. It can happen quick. Luckily, as the green flag waived, Jerett had a great start and was quickly able to duck into the race line in 5th place through turn one. Two turns later, he’d move up to 4th getting by Brian Deegan. The very next turn, another spot. By the end of lap one, Jerett had moved up three spots and was already in a podium positon. A couple of laps later, Jerett would have to make an unplanned stop in the hot-pit under caution and would restart the race in the back of the pack. With his work now cut out for him, restarting in 10th place, Jerett would put his head down and climb all the way back to 4th place before losing one more spot and finishing 5th.

In Round 8 on Saturday night, Jerett started on the 2nd row. On lap one, he’d get by championship contender, RJ Anderson for 3rd. After a mediocre result on Friday and an extremely tight points championship, Jerett wanted to move to the front as quick as possible. A couple of laps later, he’d catch Brian Deegan and make a move up to 2nd place. The hunt was on. Jerett was now hot in pursuit of the leader, Rob MacCachren. He’d close the gap over the next couple of laps but as he jumped off the table top coming into turn three, the combination of the sun setting and a cloud of dust would impair Jerett’s vision causing him to hit a deep rut putting the truck on it’s side, and snapping a spindle. Our night would end with an 11th place finish.

The 5th and 11th place finishes would move Jerett from 2nd to 4th in the Championship standings but we live to fight another day. Glen Helen awaits us where we’ll battle next month in rounds 9 & 10.

On behalf of Jerett Brooks and everyone at Jerett Brooks Racing, we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their support – Rigid Industries, Bilstein Shocks, Toyo Tires, KMC Wheels, Buggy Whip, FK Rod Ends, Oakley, Maxima Racing Oils, Factory Canopies, Optima Batteries, Fiberwerx, Black Rhino, Aeromotive, Casper Concrete Busters, Fortin Racing, Kroyer Racing Engines, CBR, Howe Performance, Magnaflow Exhaust, and Synergy Electric.
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