Heretic Studio RZR XP 1000 / XP Turbo / 900s Replacement LED Headlights

Customize your ride with these!
Many color options available!

Comes standard with 2 outer Spots and 1 inner Flood per side.
Sold as pairs.


Heretic Studio best selling LED headlights for the RZR 1000 and 2015 900 are back and better than ever! Oh did I mention they are $200.00 cheaper too? Yeah you heard us…Better and more affordable. Those are two words rarely heard in the same sentence anymore. For 2015 we revamped the faceplate design making it more streamlined and thinner making it less heavy and more aerodynamic. We replaced the (2) piece LED cylinder with a better cooling and lighter weight 1 piece LED cylinder surround and revised the back-plate to house a whole bunch of high end electronics that allow us to use that stock switch assembly from Polaris. Visually it may not look that different but they have been redesigned from the ground up and the result is a better, more efficient and cheaper LED light set. The entire light is patented so shouldn’t be any issues with knock off models coming from over seas either.

Priced per pair these headlights are 100% bolt in headlights for the Polaris RZR XP1000 and the RZR 900s (2014 and 2015 model only). The lights literally take the place of an off road light bar and simply bolt in to the location of the stock headlights giving you nearly double the output as the stock LED headlights on the XP1000. Simply put you are installing a 27 inch LED light bar in your headlights. The LED headlights come with a factory integration harness kit that literally clips in to the stock harness on the LED light harness on the 2015 RZR 900 and XP1000. This switch was developed with Polaris engineers and is a flawless integration kit in tot he stock harness giving you both a hi and low option. Once again this is included in the price!

Boasting an industry leading outer lens that is both scratch-proof and 99.7% efficient these lights are truly something special. The faceplate is made from 6061 billet aluminum, then hand sanded and anodized a bright dip black. Each light consists of (3) of our POD single lights each built from a 6061 billet aluminum slab and each LED features our unique chipset pushing a CREE XML2 LED. Each cylinder features a double o-ring design to keep water out and each chipset is mated to it’s billet surrounding by our technicians in Salt Lake City, Utah. The standard offering is a black anodized LED faceplate with black anodized LED light cylinders. At no extra charge you can choose from your color of 3m carbon overlay on the faceplate. Colors include silver, black, gray, red and white carbon. Also available for a limited time is a silver metallic overlay and black metallic overlay. Customer also has the choice between blue, white, orange and red halo colors. For an extra fee you can also have your cylinders anodized orange, blue or red. With their open air design they also allow for better cooling of the stock RZR shocks.

The (3) LED’s are mounted to a 6061 billet aluminum baseplate that attaches itself to a swivel mount on the back of the faceplate. The whole light assembly is hard mounted to the RZR on the actual faceplate so there are no additional mounts required to install them. The base offering features a 10 inch LED halo in your choice of color, black anodized or powdercoated faceplate and anodized black or charcoal gray cylinders. Custom colors are available but will cost extra. Please see the drop down menus for information and costs on these options. In efforts to keep production current and inventory on the shelf we need to charge a premium for anything other than the base offering. For those that want an option not listed simply click “Custom” on the drop down link and call us after the order is placed.

There are no returns on these headlights once they are custom made. With over 1000 pieces sold these headlights have been far and away our top sellers. Just google Heretic LED headlights and read the hundreds of reviews and posts. Please check the 100 +pages of revies and customer interaction on, thumb through our gallery on the website as well as check out our facebook pages for other installed pics and custom combos @ This is by far and way the must have item for your Polaris RZR and no RZR is complete without it!

Our goal is to ship within 1-2 business days of the order being placed but there are times when we will need up to 5 business days to process your order. We will notify you once the order is placed with an ETA and if we need to do anything special for the order we will discuss it at that point.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 15 x 7 in
Faceplate Carbon Overlay

None, Carbon Fiber (+$50)

Faceplate Color

Black (Standard), Raw, Red (+$100), White (+$100), Blue (+$100)

LED Cylinder Color

Black (Standard), Raw, Gunmetal (+$75.00), Red (+$75.00), White (+$75.00), Orange (+$75.00), Blue (+$75.00)

Halo Surround LED Lights Color

Blue, Orange, White, Red, Green